SacWellness Updates

Here you will find notes about all of the updates we have made to the site since launch and all of the updates we have in progress. If you have any input or something you think would be a good addition/change to the site, feel free to drop us a line ^_^

We're working on:

Currently working on:Expected completion date
creating backlinks to the siteFOREVERRRRRR!!! :-p
updating pages with new informationDecemeber 13, 2018
Fixing an issue where search results are sometimes getting repeated on consecutive pages.December 8, 2018

Planned Improvements

The following are plans we have for SacWellness, sorted in order of priority.

  1. Site overhaul for speed optimization.
  2. Capital Public Radio Ads.
  3. Create custom header images for Location pages (similar to the issues pages).
  4. Add meta descriptions to everything (blegh).
  5. Apply rich snippets to primary landing pages.
  6. Modify system to allow custom notifications to be sent to members’ dashboards.
  7. Create system for coupon codes.
  8. Give existing users free months for writing posts and/or inviting new users.
  9. Create a better logo.
  10. Possibly get a billboard at the 80 split sometime.
  11. In the future when we’re making money, looking into organizing a yearly mixer.
  12. Assume ultimate form

Things We've Fixed/Added to The Site

We Fixed/added:This is when we did it:
Fixed a problem that was hiding user dashboards on mobile devices. Thanks Steve Debenedetti Emanuel! ^_^January 2, 2019
made some changes so that therapists' groups and guest blog posts appear on the bottom of their listings.December 4, 2018
Added the ability for therapists to choose a different phone number to receive text notifications at.December 2, 2018
added remote services like phone, video, and in-home sessionsDecember 1, 2018
Added support/proccess group listings to the siteNovember 22, 2018
Added text notifications so that therapists get texts when someone contacts them through their listingNovember 17, 208
fixed a problem that was giving users an error message if they uploaded images that were too large....still a problem, but only if users upload more than 12mb of imagesOctober 24,2018
Fixing the contact form so that it displays therapist name rather than user nameSeptember 26, 2018
Currently, listings with multiple locations show both locations on the map on location pages. Only the location within the designated city should appear. Working on fixing thisSeptember 26, 2018
Creating the ability for us to edit thumbnail images shown in search results independently from images displayed in listingsSeptember 25, 2018
Got a twitter handle ^_^ @sacwellnessSeptember 22, 2018
We had a .....complicated coding problem that was preventing any new code from having an effect on the site. After over 40 hours of digging in code, I found it and things are good now ^_^August 21, 2019
Fixed an error that was preventing Safari users from submitting listingsAugust 21, 2019
Fixing the "near me" function. It was previously dependent on a resource that was loading really slowlySeptember 7, 2018
Added "blog silos" to specialty pagesJuly 18, 2018
Fixed an issue that was making our blog titles/headers look weirdJuly 10, 2018
Our "featured therapists" aren't randomizing the way they're supposed to.June 13, 2018
Fixing the categories on listing sidebar so they display the categories a listing belongs to.June, 12 2018
Adding "category boxes" to the front page to make for better browsingJune 8, 2018
Fixed an error where maps were loading in an odd wayJune 6, 2018
Recoded things so that multiple locations all appear on the same listing pageJune 4, 2018
Fix that stupid business hours section of the listing submission page so that you don't need to remove hours before adding themJune 1, 2018
Fixed our site so that header images will load correctly on different sized screensMay 25, 2018
Added a field to the listing submission page that asks for a 150 character description of your practice that will be displayed in search results.May 23, 2018
Enabled custom images and text on category pagesMay 12, 2018
Added the ability to have multiple office locations on one listingMay 10, 2018
Fixed a dumb problem where you couldn't type something in the search bar and then hit enter. May 5, 2018
Upgraded to cloud hosting. This will help SacWellness to go faster, have fewer downtimes, and handle more users at once.April 16, 2018