There are many self-help support groups to choose from, and all have tremendous value! They all teach helpful tools. Recovery Hill’s group goal is to get you to actually implement those tools in times of need. This is unique. There is not a reading of by-laws, or committee meetings to attend. We won’t avoid hypocritical behaviors, but confront them and grow as a group!

This group is meant to be in conjunction with already provided one-on-one therapy. This is not a primary model of treatment, but is secondarily used to enhance the outpatient one-on-one model.

Q How often is group and for how long?

Tuesdays with Kenny Group is once a week (on Tuesdays), for an hour.

Q What is the cost of group?

$25 per week

Q Why not just do AA?

Why not indeed? If AA works for you, then do it. I encourage you to find any free resource out there that will help, and access it!

This is an alternative approach, for those already in therapy, looking to use a group model process to enhance your therapy. Group will have maybe 6 people in group, and are not heavily restricted in the process.

  • Price Range - $25 per group session


  • Addiction & Substance Abuse
  • Anxiety
  • Codependency
  • Grief and Loss


  • English


  • No Insurance Accepted