I am a somatic healer with a sense of humor and knack for storytelling. Understanding the arc of your story – where you’ve been, who you are, and where you are going – that’s what I enjoy most about being a therapist. Healing and finding your version of wellbeing is both an adventure and a mystery – through conversation we may discover things we never imagined.

Your teen is in crisis or your family is at a stuck point. It can be overwhelming to get help but you know it’s time to see a therapist. You may be looking for an expert opinion, reassurance, clarity, or all of the above. You want find a therapist who can easily put you or your child at ease. What if therapy is a chance to hear yourself laugh again or reconnect with your relationships? I look at all parts of your life – your strengths and support, where you come from, and where you want to go.

Building on my experiences in community mental health, I support individuals and families finding themselves in need of a conversationalist, a sounding board, and a guide to get them through life’s ups and downs, with special interest in adolescence, family life, aging, and birth & postpartum. The framework I view therapy through is based in neurology & brain development, attachment theory, and depth psychology. I combine practical tools with inner leadership to empower people on their life’s journey. With over five years experience in youth-specific mental health care, I am intimately knowledgeable about a wide spectrum of needs including cutting and suicidal thoughts; gender and sexual identity; trauma and grief/loss. I use evidence based techniques like mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing, art interventions, ACT, and DBT. I have hours and hours and hours of listening under my belt, and the practice it takes to truly hear you and reflect back your inner wisdom.

Q Do you take insurance?

At this time, I only take Medicare. I'm an out of network provider for all other insurance carriers. Some insurances, like a PPO, may reimburse you for OON mental health providers. I recommend you follow up with your insurance provider to get more information. Upon request, I can provide what's called a SuperBill for you to submit for possible reimbursement.

Q Do you see clients on nights and weekends?

My latest appointment on weekday nights is 5pm. I currently do not see clients on the weekends.

Q Do I need to go to therapy every week?

In the beginning, it's helpful to see a therapist weekly for about 3-4 sessions to get comfortable and so that I can make a thorough assessment of how to support you or your child. After that, it makes sense to see a therapist twice per month or every other week. I typically only recommend weekly appointments if we are doing time intensive work such as support for trauma or if your child is bringing up safety concerns.

Q How do I know if we're a good fit?

Finding a therapist can be overwhelming but so much research shows that the therapeutic relationship is key in making progress toward wellbeing. Especially for a tween or teen, I recommend trying three times before calling it quits because it's totally normal to have reservations about opening to someone you don't know. My first priority is that you receive care, so if we're not a good fit, let me know! I will offer some suggestions for how to get connected to another therapist.

Q Why should I invest in seeing a therapist? Are you getting paid to listen to me?

This is a common thought that I had myself when trying out therapy in my young adulthood! On top of attending graduate school, therapists go through 3000+ hours of training prior to becoming licensed and during that time we receive a LOT of feedback from our colleagues about how to support people and usually have some areas of specialty by that time. In the same way that you would see a specialist if you had a health concern, a therapist who has worked with multiple people with your concerns has a broader understanding of how to alleviate the stress or pain you are experiencing than a friend or family member would. I have served over a thousand teens and families in my years working for school-based mental health.

  • Price Range - $165 for individuals (50 minutes), $200 for couples/families (50 minutes)