Hello! You found this page on your search for answers. This is a journey of self inquiry that leads to self acceptance, but not without its bumps. I have worked with teens in Residential settings and in clinics. I have worked with adults/families in crises & trauma and with chronic mental health issues. I can help you learn to listen to your own innate wisdom, slow down time so you can appreciate what is good in your life and allow your senses to bring in what makes you stronger. If you are looking for relief from work stress, relational distress, and transitional crises you have come to the right place! Welcome!

I bring a unique perspective from an Eastern worldview that includes Self Compassion and Neuroscience with Strength Based solutions. I have over 25 years of clinical experience covering teens, adults, and, families. I am trained in Systems Theories, Gestalt and Ayurveda and I look at the whole environment and how that is creating issues.

Talking about anxieties and depression is not easy. Why am I depressed and anxious in the summer time when the weather is great and I have everything I need? Answer: There might be some grief coming up that is struggling for expression. There can be hidden aspects to your struggle that might not be evident to you that I can help you access and overcome.