New Horizons provides Intensive Family-Focused-Therapy (IFFT), a novel, effective treatment approach developed by Paul Sunseri, Psy.D. IFFT is designed for children and adolescents presenting with serious depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, and oppositional behavior. It is designed to help stabilize children who might be at risk for hospitalization and residential treatment, or for cases in which weekly outpatient therapy has been ineffective.
The theoretical foundation of IFFT is based on research that shows improving healthy family dynamics is an effective way to address child and adolescent mental health problems. Additionally, family therapies have almost 40 years of research to support their effectiveness relative to individual therapy alone.
IFFT is provided by a team of very experienced, highly skilled clinicians that work with your family to restore positive connections in the home and reduce the child or teen’s problematic behavior.
In most cases IFFT can be covered by private health insurance less any usual co-pays or deductibles.
Please note New Horizons only provides IFFT; if you’re looking for individual therapy for your child or adolescent we would be happy to make a referral.
  • Price Range - In most cases IFFT can be covered by private insurance