Financial Therapy helps those that experience fear, anxiety or stress related to finances. There is a broad spectrum of focus areas in which I can assist as well as example clients on my website korufinancialtherapy.com. As well, I offer 90 minute one-off Strength sessions for those that have a good relationship with their money but may be facing a crossroads that may be impeding their financial health.

Q What is the difference between regular therapy and financial therapy?

I am a therapist first and foremost but have a good relationship, education, and background with money. I feel comfortable speaking on a range of financial topics and understand how money impacts individuals, relationships and small businesses. Equally, I address and can treat underlying stress, anxiety or fear that may cause adverse financial behaviors.

Q What is the difference between a Financial Therapist and a Financial Planner

My role as a Financial Therapist is to focus on the emotions surrounding money and to explore the relationship. A Financial Planner is certified to provide financial advice.

  • Price Range - Individual Therapy - $165; Couples Therapy - $195; 90 min Strength session - $245
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