I specialize in treating children, adolescents, families, and adults experiencing difficulties due to symptoms of ADHD.

Online therapy from anywhere in California and in person therapy in Sacramento and El Dorado Hills.

People will often research finding a therapist for months before initiating first contact. Even if you are not sure you are ready to start now, let’s talk about the problems you are facing during a free 15 minute video consultation.
Q Are you providing in person services?

Yes. I have offices in East Sacramento and El Dorado Hills. I am accepting new clients at both locations.

Q What is an ADHD-CCSP?

ADHD-CCSP (Certified Clinical Services Provider) is a certification that therapists can pursue to better understand and treat ADHD. This involves attending a 30 hour ADHD Professional Intensive Training Course, with 24 hours specific to ADHD assessment and treatment topics; 3 hours specific to psychopharmacology and 3 hours specific to managing ADHD in an educational setting. Therapists can pursue this certification to learn the best techniques to help clients with ADHD succeed in life and overcome obstacles.

Q What are your fees?

50 Minute Sessions
$180 per 50 minute session

Therapy for Kids and Teens
$225 weekly

My work with children and teens includes a 45 minute individual therapy session and 20 minutes of parent coaching services.

I do not provide standalone therapy services for children, as progress happens much more quickly when the parents feel supported, are involved, and are able to learn strategies to support their child's mental health at home.

This is especially important in treating ADHD in children. Parent training is part of the evidence based treatment model recommended by the CDC and other experts in the field.

Group Therapy
$180 per monthly cycle

Standalone Parent Coaching
$180 per 50 minute session

Q Do you take insurance?

Brilla Counseling is private pay; please check with your insurance for out-of-network benefits.

We accept the following payments: Credit Card, or FSA/HSA Card billed automatically after each session. Credit card information is required to book your first session. Payment information isn’t required for your free 15 minute consultation.

At your request, I can generate a Super Bill to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

You have the right to receive a “Good Faith Estimate” explaining how much your medical and mental health care will cost.

  • Price Range - 180 per 50 minute session