Hearts and Hands is a non-profit counseling agency located in Roseville California. Established in 2010, Hearts and Hands Counseling offers counseling services on a sliding scale based on a person’s income/ability to pay.

The therapists at Hearts and Hands are all in training to become licensed therapists under the Clinical Director Katie Thomas, MFC43045 who has been licensed as a marriage and family therapist since 2006.

Hearts and Hands offers counseling for a variety of issues and has several ongoing therapy/process groups that meet weekly. They are open 7 days a week and have flexible scheduling options available.

Hearts and Hands Counseling also offers Telehealth, which is therapy via video calls on a secure platform.

Q When Should Someone Seek Counseling?

Is this your first time seeking therapy? Are you wondering if counseling is right for you? Often times in life we get confused about which direction we should go. We talk to our family, friends, and coworkers but they just tell us what we should do something we have already tried or give us advice that doesn't fit. Therapy is different. It’s a space where you can freely talk out your issues and see it from a new angle. The therapist will help you uncover your own solution that is right for you.

Still the question many have is when is a problem serious enough to seek counseling. People seek counseling to help with life transitions such as a divorce, marriage, adjusting to retirement, employment issues, problems in school, and helping set & achieve goals. Individuals also seek counseling when struggling with anxiety or depression. People seek counseling for extra support when dealing with sadness or confusion. If you are having difficulty sleeping, eating, or self-motivating, therapy can help. Sometimes counseling is mandated by courts or other government agencies. Hearts & Hands also provides court ordered counseling.

Convenient evening and weekend hours for working people, Hearts & Hands Counseling offers people a safe place to explore their fears, hopes, problems, & successes. Call or text 916-676-3548 to schedule an appointment or learn more.

Q Why Hearts and Hands?

Hearts & Hands Counseling wants to increase access to counseling. Sessions with a typical counselor can cost anywhere between $120-250 per session. This is a luxury many people can't afford. Hearts & Hands was founded to provide affordable counseling, including affordable couple's counseling.

At Hearts & Hands, counseling costs anywhere between $25-85 per session. Price is determined by income & ability to pay. No one should miss an opportunity to increase life satisfaction because of inability to pay hundreds of dollars per session.

Conveniently located in Roseville, Hearts & Hands is about 20 minutes from Sacramento. Call 916-676-3548 to schedule a couple's session today.

  • Price Range - Sliding Scale 25-95