I am a Narrative Therapist, but my goal with any individual(s) I work with is always focused on what works for them; I consider my job to be assisting others in finding their way to a more preferred version of themselves. I truly enjoy the privilege of working with people of all walks of life, and consider each client and their positioning in our world so that I can tailor my understanding to the specific client(s), who will always be the expert of their own story.

I have extensive experience with polyamorous relationships, kink/BDSM, and a wide variety of LGBQTIA+ individuals of all ages/concerns. I also have experience with a number of additional, including more traditional, treatment approaches. Ultimately, my approach is one that is customized to the needs and experiences of those I am working with, and I am invested in co-creating the process and solicit regular feedback in regards to how folks feel our time together is working for them, adjusting as often as becomes relevant. My primary specialties include working with non-binary identified individuals, as well as working with gender exploring/gender non-conforming/transgender youth, their families, as well as individual adults.

You are more than welcome to visit my website at Unique Outcomes for a bit more information, and additional ways to contact me.

  • Price Range - One 50-minute session for an individual: $120 One 50-minute session for more than one individual: $140 One scheduled 80-minute session: $175 I maintain approximately half of my caseload at a given time on a sliding scale, which goes starts at $75.