You have taken the first step towards gaining a healthier sense of self.

Therapy is different for everyone. You might be experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety. Communication with your partner, family, friends may be at an all-time low. Past trauma might be getting in the way of living the life you would like to. Parenting might be really difficult.

Difficulties in maintaining healthy relationships are becoming insurmountable. There seems to be no way you can set healthy boundaries with others in your life.

What happened to your motivation to keep striving for a better life? You have lost friends, feel alone, and stuck. Alone and invisible – and full of ‘what-ifs.’

Being an adult is hard.

Time doesn’t stop as we move from young adulthood into marriage, family, constant demands at home and at work.

Pressure cooker. That’s what life sometimes feels like. Is there no relief?

Thoughts. Hurtful thoughts. Frustrating thoughts. Thoughts that interfere with your relationships and how you feel about yourself.

How therapy can help you.

This is your time and your space to focus on you. Sometimes, it is important for you to slow things down, so you have a chance to observe, reflect, and make the necessary changes needed to live a happier life.

I am a strength-based and goal-oriented therapist and will provide perspectives based on my clinical judgment and support for you to work toward changes you would like to make in your life.

Within sessions, we might dig into the past, remain in the present, or plan your next moves for the nearby future.

I am here to support you on your journey and provide information to you that you might not have looked at before. Or to strengthen and increase behaviors that you would like to see more of.

You are worth it.

We will focus on changing your thoughts to more positive, reality-based messages, such as “I am worthy,” and recognizing the difficulty and pain of different situations as well as introducing solutions, such as “I am learning to cope in healthier ways AND this is very painful.”

Being able to separate your behavior from you as a person can help you feel more hopeful and have less shame. “Some of my behaviors from my past have not been helpful, AND I have the ability to move toward healing.”

These new thoughts will influence your functioning, how you feel about yourself, and communicate with others.

Increasing your ability to change your thoughts can improve your self-esteem, change your communication patterns, and assist you in striving for an overall healthier lifestyle – if the messages are more positive about you.

Clients who have benefited from therapy have learned new ways to manage their emotions and express themselves in more productive ways. They have noticed less arguments, an increase in joyful moments, and more positive communication with others. They have noticed less triggers from the past and worked towards healing traumas. Some clients have noticed an increase in parenting strategies and connection with their children.

Clients have experienced a change in their anxiety and depressive symptoms – and learned ways to approach situations as they arise. And they are willing to use these tools to work toward their goals.

Q Won’t talking about unpleasant things make me feel worse?

At times, things might feel worse before they get better. That depends on the situation. You might have bottled up emotions and experiences for months, years, or decades.

Some of these may be getting in your way of truly connecting with others or yourself. Not being as much “fun” as you were in the past makes you feel like a ‘Debbie Downer.’

I assist you in session to move to the past, when appropriate and safe to do so, and when to focus on the present to relieve intense emotions. We will work to replace negative thoughts and beliefs that are no longer helpful to you.

Q How do I set up an initial appointment?

I provide a free initial 20-minute phone conversation to talk about challenges you are experiencing and assess ways I could support you in therapy. If I am unable to support your specific needs, then I am happy to provide you with referrals.

You can reach me at 408-785-2189 or email me at eva.schmeisser.lmft@gmail.com

Q What is your professional training and experience?

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC95100) and have earned a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. I received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from San Jose State University.

My experience is in working with adults, children, teenagers, and families in a variety of settings. I am experienced in working with adults to decrease symptoms and increase healthier coping strategies.

I have worked in a crisis stabilization unit supporting adults who were faced with mental health and substance/alcohol abuse challenges.

Additional training was completed at Uplift Family Services providing therapeutic services within an Intensive Outpatient Program for children ages 5-18 years old. Previously, I worked with younger children and their caregivers, ages 1-5 years old, in a community and clinical setting.

I have worked with adults and families in a Community Counseling Center in the past who were faced with various mental health challenges and stressors. I have gained valuable experience in various school-based environments, working with Elementary, Middle, and High School aged youth, parents, and staff members.

An important part of my background before becoming an LMFT was being centrally involved in a private medical office working closely with an Oncologist and Psychologist for eight years.

During this time, I became very involved in end-of-life transitions with patients and their families during severe distress. This was a profound experience since I worked with patients with a terminal diagnosis as they struggled to stay alive, and I became more comfortable with the truth of death. I now can use that experience to challenge clients to live their life more fully.

I am a trained EMDR Therapist and have completed my training in the summer of 2021 with Jordan Shafer, MS, LPC at CompassionWorks. I started my certification process in February 2022 and plan to be fully certified within 1 year. I continue to enjoy learning more about EMDR and consulting with an EMDRIA approved consultant and trainer as well as engage in a consultation group in order to increase my ability to support clients throughout this process.

Q What modalities do you use in sessions?

I use a variety of modalities within sessions. I provide EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) sessions. Typically, I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) skill-building strategies. I am not a certified CBT or DBT therapist; however, I utilize these strategies within sessions based on my experience and have found effective symptom relief with clients. I support the client within a humanistic and solution-focused framework.

Q How long are clients typically in therapy with you?

This varies on the client’s progress and circumstances. Typically, anywhere from 3-12 months, depending on the needs and goals within therapy. I can work with clients for more than 12 months depending on the circumstances.

The goal of therapy is for me to work myself out of a job. My approach is for therapy to be another tool to be used by the client. Sessions mostly start weekly, then might progress to biweekly, and then terminate. Some clients do benefit from periodic “tune-ups” and come into the office after regular sessions have been terminated due to life circumstances, additional skill-building, etc.

Q What does it mean when you say

Therapy isn’t forever. The modalities I provide typically are not long-term. They are tools to be used during different situations. How long sessions are provided can be different for each person. The goal is for me to work myself out of a job.

This does not mean once we terminate therapy that my door is closed for you. I believe we all need tune-ups. Life happens, and circumstances change. If you need extra support or to revisit certain aspects of your life that we had previously worked through together, please feel free to reach out to my office and schedule an appointment.

  • Price Range - Please call the office for current fees. I also accept Lyra.