Couples Resource Collective is a nonprofit group practice counseling organization. We provide affordable counseling and therapy services to couples, individuals, families, children and teens struggling with a wide range of issues. We have a team of licensed and non-licensed clinicians who have a desire to help serve our community’s needs around mental health, interpersonal struggles, relationship distress or proactivity, and a myriad of life’s difficult but navigable challenges. Call or email us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Q Do you accept insurance?

We only accept a few forms of Medi-Cal (not PPO or HMO). Anthem Blue Cross Medi-Cal, HealthNet Medi-Cal, California Health and Wellness Medi-Cal.

Q Can I choose my therapist or is one assigned to me?

You absolutely get to choose which therapist you'd like to work with. We can help recommend someone who has a particular focus or experience but it is your choice. All our clinicians have pictures and bios listed on our website and some have video's as well. www.couplesresourcecollective.org

Q How much does it cost?

That depends on the clinician you see and their level of experience. Trainee's have fee's that range from $50-$80/Session. Associates have fees that range from $100-$140/Session. Licensed therapists have fees that range from $160-$180/Session

Q What are potential benefits of seeing non-licensed therapists/clinicians?

First off, the fee's are more affordable, but they are also supervised by highly trained and experienced licensed therapists who oversee their whole caseload. So you kind of get 2 therapists to help you. Additionally, you may feel that non-licensed therapists may have more creative and out of the box ideas to approach your struggles.

Q How long will I/we need to go to therapy for?

That's one of those questions that really can't be answered because it depends on too many factors. However, based on our organizations data, most clients attend between 8-16 sessions with us. But success in therapy can't be measured by the number of sessions or length of time, it's about when you feel like lasting and maintainable change has taken root in your life and/or relationship.

Q How often should we attend?

This is also your choice but it's recommended to attend weekly to begin. The most organic way to know when to reduce the frequency of sessions is to pay attention to whether or not you're using the whole session to talk about the issues you're working on. If you begin to have say, 10 minutes at the end of sessions that feel more like "shootin the breeze" and the issues you're working on already feel addressed, then perhaps it's time to talk with your therapist about reducing the frequency of sessions. But if you're using the whole session every time still, then it's probably best to continue at your current frequency.

Q What if I/we don't feel like our therapist is the right match?

You can call and request a different therapist or you can speak with your therapist about your concerns to see if you can approach things differently. Bottom line, you are not trapped or stuck with someone who you don't feel is the right fit for you.

  • Price Range - $50-$80 for a Trainee Therapist, $100-$140 for Associate Therapist, $160-$180 for Licensed Therapist