Counseling Services for Individuals, Couples, and Law Enforcement Spouses throughout California

Life doesn’t look the way you expected it to.

You live in a constant sense of disconnection — like no matter what you do, things never feel quite “okay.” You feel controlled by your emotions, overwhelmed by the pressure to produce and accomplish what you have set out for yourself in life. This has snowballed into a constant sense of anxiety, stress, and disappointment.

Your relationships are struggling, too. Communication breakdowns and conflict feel like the norm. You both feel frustrated by the cycle of conflict and anger that has emerged, and while each of you knows you may be contributing to that cycle, it’s hard to know how to break out of it.

Things can be different than they are today.

Feel better — truly better — by understanding the connections between your past and present and reconnecting with yourself and your partner. I help men, women, and couples in California achieve the calmness, connection, and confidence they’ve been looking for.

Let’s design a life you love. You deserve it. Schedule your free 20 minute consultation today.

  • Price Range - $225 Individuals, $250 Couples.