Headquartered in the heart of California with numerous satellite locations, Anchor Therapy Clinic specializes in the first responder, medical and veteran communities as well as their families. Our ground breaking approaches allow our team to specialize in issues that hit home including trauma, family dynamics, and animal based therapies. Whether you’re a Marine, law enforcement officer, fireman, veteran, or a family member of a first responder or military service member, we are here to assist you in finding hope. We wish to assist you and your families in giving you a chance at a more normal life and thrive in the world. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every situation and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.

Anchor Therapy Clinic stands for a pillar of hope providing stability and strength so our heroes can ground themselves at the end of their daily journeys.

Q Is there a consultation fee?

Never. We want you to meet our team and decide if we are a good fit before you ever commit to anything

Q Are there more than one therapist?

Yes, we have a diverse staff and our clients are paired with you for the best possible outcomes

Q Is therapy about what the therapist wants or me?

Therapy is always about the needs of our clients. We are here as mentors not dictators.

Q Is there a sliding fee scale?

Yes based upon the needs of our clients

Q Do we do animal based therapies?

Yes, and we also will provide service dogs as well

Q Do we have familiy and relationship specific programs?

Yes, we have specific programs for both families and those in relationships to help them where they need it.

  • Price Range - 100-225