Therapists Who Work With Phobias

    Everyone experiences fear from time to time, but when someone has a phobia it usually means much more than just some minor stress or anxiety for that person. Phobias are characterized by extreme, often irrational fears surrounding specific things, places, feelings, or ideas. Really you can have a phobia about just about anything. Phobias typically develop as a response to trauma, often in childhood. Phobias also commonly develop by association. For example, a person who experienced a traumatic incident in a library may develop a phobia towards silence and a person who experienced trauma on a stormy day may develop a phobia towards lighting.

    Therapy for phobias typically focuses on unraveling the history that led to the development of a phobia, building coping skills, and gradual exposure to the feared thing. This scares a lot of people away from seeking help for phobias. However, most therapists will start out slow, helping you to build skills before exposing you to anything you fear, and usually people start with the thought of the feared thing and build up from there.

    Your therapist will likely construct a fear hierarchy with you and come up with a ranked list of things that illicit the least amount of fear to the most. You’ll start at the bottom of your list and gradually work up to confronting the actual feared thing.

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    Maris Loeffler LMFT

    • Compassionate client centered therapy with specialites in trauma and grief
    cat-icon 2621 Capitol Avenue, Sacramento, CA, USA

    Rebecca Johnson, LMFT

    • Authentic, open, and strength based therapist

    • I serve individuals, couples, and families in a safe and supportive environment.
    cat-icon 720 Sunrise Avenue Suite D212, Roseville, CA, USA

    Robin Kirk, LMFT, Sage Psychotherapy

    • Mindfulness-Based Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

    • Expertise in the treatment of Anxiety Disorders including OCD and Social Anxiety

    Danielle Riele, MA, LMFT

    • A therapist ready to help you reach your goals!

    • With a nurturing and straight forward approach I hope to empower you to reach your goals and full potential.
    cat-icon 1528 Eureka Road, Roseville, CA, USA

    Joan Druckman, PhD

    • Psychologist and Certified Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist

    • Psychotherapy for adult individuals and couples
    cat-icon 1845 Iron Point Road, suite 180 Folsom, CA, 95630

    Nancy Georges – Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

    • Transformation Through Human Excellence

    • I help people to expand into what life is calling them to become.
    cat-icon 3650 Auburn Boulevard, Sacramento, CA, USA

    Heather Almeida, LMFT

    • Offering individual, couple and family therapy. Specializes in Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) Therapy for Anxiety and other related disorders
    cat-icon 720 Sunrise Avenue, suite 115D, Roseville, CA, USA

    Eunie Jung, Ph.D.

    • Clinical Psychologist

    Peace Within * Anxiety, Trauma & OCD Center

    • Specializing in anxiety, trauma, Tourette's and tics for childeren, teens and adults. Also providing couple and marriage counseling.
    cat-icon 4935 Hillsdale Circle, El Dorado Hills, CA, USA
    cat-icon 719 2nd Street, Davis, CA, USA

    Linda S Barnard, PhD, MFT

    • I specialize in treating trauma. I also have 30 years experience as an expert witness in domestic violence, rape, and trauma.

    Amber Tran, PhD

    • Specializing in childhood trauma

    cat-icon 850 Iron Point Road, Folsom, CA, USA